Beauty and Self-Esteem

Beauty and Self-Esteem

Beauty and Self-Esteem
  • Dry Brushing and Massage

    Wellness talk about dry brushing and its benefits

  • Wellness Talk: Facial Yoga for glowing and lifted skin by Lara de Prada

    My friend Lara, has been so kind to film this for us. Thank you Lara. For more face yoga exercises you can join her online course - Yoga Facial by Lara.

    Enjoy it!!!

  • Some of my favorite products to boost your skin glow

    Using Hyaluronic Skin Primer from BalanceMe and BB Hyaluronic Tint with a limp plumper. You can use GOGLOOW20 on any of the BalanceMe products

    Hope you enjoy it

  • Face yoga workout by Glowinface

    Thanking and welcoming my friend and expert Karin Velikonja for sharing this 10 minute face yoga workout with all of us. She is a part of The Wellness Room community, and we both thought this could be a great workout for our face, to keep our muscles healthy, strong and young as long as possibl...

  • Morning Skin Care Beauty Routine

    Sharing with you my morning routine and my natural makeup that I use every morning. Taking care of your skin and appearance is as important as working out or eating mindfully.