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Watch this video and more on gogloow

Watch this video and more on gogloow

Up Next in Ballet and Chair Fusions ( To do on days when you don’t do the Tone)

  • Ballet fusion 11/05/22

    No equipment, just a bar or a chair ( with weight on it)

  • Combine it- Chair Fusion ( focused on...

    Use 1.5lbs ankle weights or 0.6 kilo

  • Chair Fusion. Full Body 38 min


    You will need 0.6kilos or 1.5 lbs for your ankles. (Mine are from They are vegan and super cute. Use gogloow for %)
    Grab a towel, a strap or hand weights (1 kilo each) if you don't have a UBARRE (from (you can use gogloow for %))

    You wil...