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Watch this video and more on gogloow

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  • Tone 47. 20/12/21 (read description ...

    Equipment: Use 1 kilo hand weights ( or 1.5 if you want to challenge yourself). For ankle weights, use 0.5 kilo on each leg and you can double up to an extra half a kilo by the end of the class. If instead of having half a kilo ankle weight, you have 0.75 (some of them are only sold like that), t...

  • Tone 46 - 13/12/21 ( 2nd edition Full...

    You will need 1.0 kilo hand weights and 0.5 kilo ankle weights ( double up in last section if you can really follow all reps). Do not compromise your form by adding weights if you are not yet ready. Also, watch breakdown video of some tricky moves included in this tone.

    Enjoy the class!!!

  • Tone 42 15/11/21

    1.5 kilo hand weights/ 0.5 ankle weights/ one or two padded mats