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Watch this video and more on gogloow

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  • Tone 29 16-08-21

    1.5 kilo hand weights and 0.5 ankle weights. Optional : double weights with one kilo each

  • Tone 28 - 09/08/21

    Equipment: 1.5 hand weights/ 0.7 ankle weights. Do this TONE during THIS week. Practice, get better at it and combine it with any barre fusion or combine it sessions throughout the week, whenever you don't feel like doing this new Tone. Enjoy and let me know how you're doing!! love, Carolina

  • Tone 27 2/08/21

    Equipment: 1.5 kilo hand weights/ 0.5 or 0.7 ankle weights (both work)/ One mat/ Water. Please note: Make sure you protect your knees, add a good thick mat under them Use towels to support your wrists. If pain in wrists, take it down to your forearm.
    Enjoy the class and keep it up!