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Watch this video and more on gogloow

Tone 93 7/11/22 - Full Body (Advanced Version)

Archived Most Popular Tones • 51m

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  • Tone Light 78 25/07/22 (For an interm...

    One kilo hand weights and half kilo ankle

  • Tone 80 8/8/22

    Use 1.5kilo or less hand weights and 0.6 kilo or less for ankle weights. ( feel free to double up in weights on the second half of the class, for full Tone).
    Aim to work on this flow for at least 4 times during this weekšŸ¦¢

  • Tone 79 1/08/22

    Hand weights 3lb and ankle weights 1.5 and 3 lb (for the second part of the class). Weights are always optional. Check your form and see what is best for you. Start with little weight and build from there. Enjoy your practice.