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Watch this video and more on gogloow

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  • Tone 49. 3/1/22

    Equipment: Double folded mat to protect your knees, 1.0 and 1.5 kilo hand weights. 0.5 /0.7 kilo ankle weights. In this class I am using 0.7 kilo which is approximately 1.5 pounds.
    Ankle weights are optional and you should only use the heavier ones when you have the strength needed and to do f...

  • Tone 47. 20/12/21 (read description ...

    Equipment: Use 1 kilo hand weights ( or 1.5 if you want to challenge yourself). For ankle weights, use 0.5 kilo on each leg and you can double up to an extra half a kilo by the end of the class. If instead of having half a kilo ankle weight, you have 0.75 (some of them are only sold like that), t...

  • Tone 42 15/11/21

    1.5 kilo hand weights/ 0.5 ankle weights/ one or two padded mats