GENTLE ON WRISTS WORKOUTS (when you need a break on your wrists, try these)

GENTLE ON WRISTS WORKOUTS (when you need a break on your wrists, try these)

GENTLE ON WRISTS WORKOUTS (when you need a break on your wrists, try these)
  • Ballet Fusion 28/06/22

    I excuse the low volume on the first half of the class... I am aware. Sorry :-).

    You will need a bar, or a chair with weights on it.
    3lbs hand weights

  • Chair Fusion Full Body Workout 13/01/22

    Enjoy the workout. Using the chair in several fun ways. Please note , on first move to lift your leg up from the outside and then the inside, keep alternating to fire up the synaptic connections in your brain. I had covid during this filming (without knowing) and probably my brain wasn't 100% and...

  • Tone 48 .27/12/21 ( please read description below)

    Equipment: 1 to 1.5 kilo hand weights ( up to you). Use 0.5 to 0.7 ankle weights ( I am using 0.75 kilo throughout this tone. Ankle weights are optional and you should only use the heavier ones when you have the strength needed and to do full reps with good form.
    You’ve got 7 days to work on this...

  • Combine it - Full body 16 min ( with my mini me)

    Use 0.5 ankle weights for ankles and hands.

  • Combine it Leg/ hips with a pole (10min)

    You will need a pole or a broom stick. If you don’t have one, you can use the wall as support. Enjoy,

  • Ballet Fusion 45 min 26-10-21

    You will need a chair (Above hip height) or a ballet bar .You will also need one kilo hand weights and a small pilates ball.
    Have fun .

  • Flow 8 -

    This flow is meant to quiet your mind. It is meditation in movement. Move with me to the beat and connect to your breathing.

  • Ballet Fusion 3-09-21 (45 min)

  • Tone light 27 02/08/21

    Equipment: You will need 1.5 kilo hand weights/ 0.5 or 0.7 kilo ankle weights (both work) / One mat/ Water

  • Ballet Fusion (with trampoline) Full Body 37 min

    You will need a trampoline or a chair. One kilo hand weights. You can modify and do the cardio on the floor if you have no trampoline.
    The mic turned off during the left leg, but i hope you can still hear my cues.
    Enjoy this one and combine it with the Tones anytime during the week.

  • BALLET FUSION 40 MIN. 1-10-21

    You will need a bar or a chair. One kilo hand weights and half a kilo ankle weights

  • Combine it- Legs 15/03/21

  • Tone 8 - 22/03/21 (session 1). 57 min

    This full body workout will strengthen all your body while lengthening and toning. Please be mindful of how you move. Focus on creating space. This video has indications for beginners and advanced.