New this week

  • Ballet Fusion (with trampoline) Full Body 37 min

    You will need a trampoline or a chair. One kilo hand weights. You can modify and do the cardio on the floor if you have no trampoline.
    The mic turned off during the left leg, but i hope you can still hear my cues.
    Enjoy this one and combine it with the Tones anytime during the week.

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  • Tone 34 20/09/21

    Equipment needed: One kilo hand weights/ Half kilo ankle weights
    Optional: One small pilates ball and one LIGHT resistance band (If you don't have these, you can do all of it without them)
    Please note, I am not wearing mic during arms on purpose, you will hear me less, but you will be fine. I wan...

  • Tone Light 34 20/09/21

    Equipment: One kilo hand weights and half a kilo ankle weights
    Optional: Pilates ball ( you can do it without it too, in case you don't have one)
    This Tone is meant to be done 4 to 5 times this week. Go master it!

  • Flow 11 16/09/21

    Full body session, turn off your phone, close your eyes and enjoy the flow. This flow will wake up all your muscles, while strengthening and elongating every single one of them. No equipment needed.

  • Shoulder and neck stretch session

    You can do this sitting on your chair, at the office, or sittin on the floor. Just remember to sit tall and elongate that spine and neck while stretching. Hope it feels good.

  • Tone 33- 13/09/21

    One kilo hand weights and 1/2 kilo ankle weights.

  • Combine it Cardio Full Body 10 minutes

    All levels welcome. No equipment needed. Just goes shoes to jump around!

  • Combine it ballet legs 15 min

    Hand weights: One kilo only.
    This session will challenge your balance, working on your ankle and feet little muscles. Grab on to a chair if it is too intense for you. Engage your core to move the leg. Have fun with it!

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