ARCHIVED -Most Popular 2021

ARCHIVED -Most Popular 2021

ARCHIVED -Most Popular 2021
  • Tone 51 17/01/22

    You will need 1.5 kilo hand weights and 2 times 0.5 kilo ankle weights ( optional and by the end of the class) or just 0.75 kilo total ( would be enough too) . This class works on a lot of hip opening movements. If your hip isn’t that flexible, make the range of opening smaller. Accommodate it to...

  • Tone 48 .27/12/21 ( please read description below)

    Equipment: 1 to 1.5 kilo hand weights ( up to you). Use 0.5 to 0.7 ankle weights ( I am using 0.75 kilo throughout this tone. Ankle weights are optional and you should only use the heavier ones when you have the strength needed and to do full reps with good form.
    You’ve got 7 days to work on this...

  • Tone 46 - 13/12/21 ( 2nd edition Full reps added on that left second move :-))

    You will need 1.0 kilo hand weights and 0.5 kilo ankle weights ( double up in last section if you can really follow all reps). Do not compromise your form by adding weights if you are not yet ready. Also, watch breakdown video of some tricky moves included in this tone.

    Enjoy the class!!!

  • Tone 43 Super Bonus

    Equipment: 1.5 kilo hand weights and 4x 0.5 ankle weights. Optional yoga blocks.

  • Tone 21. 21/06/21

    Tune out to tune in with my signature Tone. It's a full body workout and a detox session for the mind. Silence your phones and enjoy the ride!

  • Ballet Fusion 42min

    You will need a bar or a chair.

  • Combine it Cardio Full Body 10 minutes

    All levels welcome. No equipment needed. Just goes shoes to jump around!

  • Flow 4 21/04/21

    Allow yourself this time to engage in movement, connecting to your body, moving to the beat. This is a great session to relax your mind while strengthening your body.

  • Tone 7 15/03/21. 42 minutes

  • Tone 11 12/04/21 (With Cardio) 50 Minutes

    Tone 11 is a full mindful body workout. Please note I start with right leg first and then move on to left. This tone is my signature workout, focuses on toning, lengthening, and sculpting your body with moves and rotations aimed at fatiguing each muscle group. Let me know how much you love it.

  • Tone 12 19/04/21 Full Body with cardio 47min

    Tone 12 is a full mindful body workout. Tone is my signature session, it focuses on toning, lengthening, and sculpting your body with moves and rotations aimed at fatiguing each muscle group. Repeat it throughout the week until you get good at it.

  • Tone 14 3/5/21

    This class can be challenging. Work on it. Don't give up. Get better at it. Hit the right angles. Observe how you move. You can do it!

  • Tone Light 23 05-07-21

  • Ballet / Barre Fusion with cardio 45 min