NEW- Suggested workouts for this week

NEW- Suggested workouts for this week

In this folder you will find all the new weekly videos plan for you to use as a guide. One tone session (floor) session and one barre/ballet session. My exercises are all based on ballet, pilates and yoga, therefore they will all offer the same results: Long and lean definition, while working on flexibility. You will feel stronger and more flexible with practice . Be gentle and kind and stay consistent

NEW- Suggested workouts for this week
  • Tone 26 26/07/21

    You will need: 1.5 kilo hand weights & 0.5 kilo and (optional) 1 kilo ankle weights. We will double up the weight on the last few moves. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, please don't double up. Do whatever feels good to you. The stronger you get, the more comfortable you will feel adding ...

  • Tone Light 26 - 26/07/21

    Equipment: 0.5 to 0.7 ankle weights . 1.5 kilo hand weights. One mat and water. Note: When we squat, make sure you are placing all of your weight on your heels. Protect your ligaments by aligning, knee over ankle.

  • Combine it- Full Body

    You will need: 0.7 kilo ankle weights and 1.5 kilo hand weights. ( My ankle weights are from decathlon, they have 0.7 kilo option). If not, Bala has 0.5 kilo, which is fine too.

  • Combine it Legs & Glute

  • Ballet / Barre Fusion with cardio 45 min

  • Stretching (Hamstrings & Hip)